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Founded in May 2010, JCH Industrial Ecology Limited is an environmental consultancy situated in North Wales. Our primary focus is the development of eco-friendly products sourced from sustainable and renewable resources. With a strong emphasis on researching environmentally responsible materials for the construction industry, we specialise in creating Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), and carbon footprint assessments. Additionally, we offer training materials and conduct in-house courses.

Understanding what we do...



Callum Hill, the company director, has developed a collection of lightboard lectures focusing on timber technology and sustainability. These presentations are accessible on the  Aalto University Wood Science YouTube Channel and serve as an excellent entry point into the field of environmental science through an interactive learning approach, suitable for learners at various education levels.


  • Aalto University (research services and distance learning course development)

  • Abodo Wood Ltd (survey of published EPDs, CPD provision)

  • Akzo Nobel (training course)

  • The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (report on PVC production and use)

  • The BioComposites Centre (research services, report on wood modification technologies)

  • BSW Timber (timber technology consulting)

  • The Building Research Establishment (UK) (survey of potential for biomass provision in Europe)

  • The Danish Technological Institute (timber technology consulting)

  • Innorenew Centre of Excellence (research consulting)

  • Kemira Oy (wastewater technology survey)

  • Knauf Insulation (timber technology consulting)

  • Leko Labs SA (timber technology consulting)

  • Milner Associates (timber technology consulting)

  • Lucite International (timber technology consulting)

  • The Norwegian Institute for Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) (research services)

  • UPM

  • Sioo Wood Protection AB (timber technology consulting)

  • UK Climate Change Committee (contribution to report, author of report)

  • Vastern Timber (organisational GHG footprinting)

  • Velux (review of LCA background data)

  • Wood Knowledge Wales (report on softwood timber production in Wales)

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